Remote Monitoring Systems

The Remote Monitoring System for HVAC is designed to fulfill the need of Companies having Chillers/Package Units/Split AC or Humidifiers scattered in different Locations or where the Humidity and Temperature is Critical to be maintained. Remote Monitoring System keeps the responsible person updated with the temperature/humidity and the status of Sites. This manifests a high quality of work and gives a satisfaction to the customers of the company. RMS quickly notifies when temperature/humidity starts deviating from a normal condition by sending a text message. The Temperature/Humidity Data can also be queried any time via text message. In custom designed project many other parameters like intrusion detection, circuit breakers status can also be visualized on HMI and Notification by Text message can also be generated in Alarm conditions. Server Rooms are having expensive Systems and Data, it’s important that the Temperature and Humidity is monitored all the time and if any deviation is found, the Maintenance Manager should be immediately updated to take the necessary actions. Many Pharmaceutical Companies Storing Drugs in the Cold stores prefer to have a remote Monitoring and Alarming System. Companies having large number of Cold Stores in different locations can monitor the status of all sites from anywhere around the globe. Other than a HVAC Systems the RMS can also be implemented in the sectors where temperature is a critical parameter